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Nomad is a sports programme from YFC Ireland that uses a portable soccer cage, panna-knockout rules and a team of passionate young interns who promote positive values and engage young people in faith conversations on their turf, throughout the Republic of Ireland.

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Cage Soccer

The Cage allows young people to play a 2-on-2 soccer game called panna-knockout, a game based on skill, control and communication. The cage can be erected anywhere with a flat surface, a school playground or in a sports hall. Strict Health and Safety procedures are adhered to at all times when using the soccer cage, which is manned by Nomad team members only and clear rules are outlined before each session begins.

Coaching Corner

Our interns are certified FAI coaches and have experience in coaching groups and individuals. The lessons can be conducted with or without the use of the cage, using an indoor or outdoor space, age appropriate and for mixed abilities. Our approach to coaching is to use team building exercises and games to make it a fun experience for all. Our desire is to help young people reach their full potential, grow in confidence and self worth.

Team talks

During the cage and coaching sessions, the Nomad Ireland team can deliver their MyLife programme looking at the following three areas of life: our priorities, our values and our goals. Using a mixture of life coaching and storytelling techniques the Nomad Team engage young people in a discussion that will help them better understand life and the Christian faith. Alongside our main themes we also cover topics like: bullying and inclusion, health and wellbeing and dealing with prejudice through our “Life-boat” workshop.

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Meet the Fans

John, Teacher, Hamilton High School

“We had the guys from Nomad visit us in Hamilton High school with their soccer cage. The students really it an couldn’t get enough. It was well organised, and different from anything they’d tried before. It was good craic and good for working on soccer skills – I would highly recommend it”.

Charis Henderson, Teacher, Newpark

“The lads came to Newpark and took PE, RE and SPHE classes as well as staying back in the afternoon for others who wishes to experience the cage. The queue was around the corner! Students found it engaging and fun. Many students had meaningful conversations with youth workers, who were great role models. I highly recommend this different approach for curricualr support, activities and retreat days”. 

Wendy Gillespie, Headmistress, Castlepollard

“We had the Nomad team in our school with their soccer cage. It was suitable for all ages and abilities and everyone enjoyed”. 

Gerogina Hourican, TY Coordinator, St. Mary's Mullingar

“Our Transition Year boys loved the cage soccer. Great fun, great for team building and a quick rotation so everyone got to enjoy the experience – such fun!”

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