Easter camps

The Nomad team were involved in two camps over Easter at Ovoca Manor in Co. Wicklow! We brought the cage and the young people loved the opportunity to take each other on in the cage. Things got competitive with a few of the campers daring to take on the leaders. We also played turf wars which is […]


WakeUp Ireland

The Nomad team was invited to be a part of WakeUp Ireland in Drogheda, we brought the cage to the weekend and witnessed some incredible panna skills! We were also invited to run a workshop and share about our experience of evangelism through sport. Liam and Simon presented this for an hour before taking the group […]


The MyLife programme

The Nomad team have just finished writing a full program for their sessions in schools called MyLife. The programme, combined with the Nomad cage brings football together with life coaching and faith in God. The programme gets children and teenagers active as we examine their priorities, their values and their goals. We cover topics that […]

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