MyLife programme combined with the Nomad cage brings football together with life coaching and faith in God. The programme gets children and teenagers active as we examine their priorities, their values and their goals. Our team share our story and how our lives have been changed through faith and a relationship with God. We cover topics that compliment the current SPHE and RE classes, however Nomad and MyLife are a fun activity for any class, year group or school!  We are passionate about helping young people find their place in the world and we love doing this over a kick-about!



The MyLife programme for primary and secondary schools comes as a part of the Nomad booking, but can also be delivered independently and it looks at the following three areas of life; our priorities, our values and our goals. Using a mixture of life coaching and story telling techniques the Nomad Team engage young people in an interactive discussion that will help them better understand life and the Christian faith. The programme is made to suit 10-18 year olds from backgrounds of faith or no faith.

Our aim in sharing about priorities is to encourage the young people to examine themselves and create a deeper understanding of what is important to them.


Our objective in discussing values is to establish or challenge the core values the young people might have. Knowing what your core value is, is like providing yourself with a compass for life.


Our desire in discussing goals is to help the young people achieve their full potential, remind them of the need to make a plan and be intentional.


Our team of gifted coaches love building self-esteem in children and teenagers. We are firm believers in every young person having a special purpose in the world and we love coaching them into finding this place for themselves. The team love hearing the students' stories, we also love sharing our story and God's story with them, however this part is subject to the schools' approval. MyLife will work alongside the Nomad soccer cage, a soccer coaching clinic or independently within a classroom setting, subject to the time allocated.

1 hour cage session
Approximately 15 minute MyLife session with each group.

3 hour cage session
Approximately 45 minute MyLife session with each group.

We can custom build a programme to suit your group. Just contact us!

If you would like to get in touch and discuss how Nomad Ireland can tailor their MyLife programme for your young people - click below!